Topaz Eyes (topaz_eyes) wrote,

Doctor Who Fan Fiction: "Later (Worth The Wait Remix)"

The second of two fic posts! This is my Remix Madness 2012 entry.

Later (Worth The Wait Remix)

by Topaz Eyes

Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness
Rating: R
Summary: Jack could never hold a grudge.
Words: 160
Notes: Written for Remix Madness 2012. Original fic is Later by [ profile] trobadora.

Jack could never hold a grudge against the Doctor. After waiting 140 years to learn he'd been willfully abandoned on the Game Station; after being told he was an affront to the very universe; after suffering a million deaths at the hand of the Master; Jack had every reason to despise the Time Lord.

But he couldn't bring himself to do it, for he knew exactly why the Doctor had crawled into his bed tonight. The fervency of the Doctor's mouth around him had been a tacit admission in itself. So he savored the Doctor's needy kisses; he relished the Doctor's pounding into him, and his desperate groan of relief when he came.

Later, as the Doctor slept fitfully beside him, Jack smiled in the dark. He could afford to welcome him with open arms, because from now on, the Doctor would try to atone for his cowardice the rest of his life. For Jack, just knowing that was enough.

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Tags: fanfiction-doctorwho, remix
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